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Top 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)
5. Shopping by Price only: Budgets are important and they will allow you to see which vendors you can afford. The saying ” You get what you pay for” holds true. Experienced vendors in what they offer will cost more than a novice but these vendors are seasoned and will ensure that your wedding is the reality you envisioned. Seek Value! 

4. Not setting a budget: Weddings are emotional and most brides want what they want. However, the wedding is just one day. Bills still have to be paid after the wedding. The budget allows for the you and your fiance to not go into debt. Set a budget and stick with it. 

3. Having Family as your vendors: Family is always there to help when needed. Family should enjoy this day with you and not serving your guests. Professionals have done the research and have the experience to adapt to any sudden changes that might happen that day. Family members are not equipped to do so. Always hire a professional. 

2. Not knowing what the average wedding cost: Once engaged most couples begin just planning their wedding they do not know what the average wedding in their city costs. This will be helpful in knowing if you should plan a destination wedding or if the budget will allow for you to have an elegant wedding. 

1. Procrastination: The average wedding takes about a year to plan. This sounds like a long time but a year will quickly go by if you do not work on items a little by little. Keeping in mind that somethings must be done a head of time in order for the day to run smoothly..

Wedding Planning "To Do" List

Posted on March 6, 2014 at 8:51 PM Comments comments (0)
if you recently became engaged... CONGRATS! Now for the "To Do" list. Follow these steps for a planning experience that is stress free, and culminates in the BEST day of your life!

The First 10 Steps for Wedding Planning:-

1Enjoy Being Engaged
This is an exciting and wonderful time in your life. Soak it all in and ENJOY!

2. Tell Your Parents 
Their support and advice is going to make this go a lot more smoothly.

Purchase a Journal If You Don't Already Have One
You will want to take notes on ideas and suggestions along the way.

4. Announce Your Engagement
Bring your close family and friends together for a formal announcement.

5. Set the Date
If you want an outdoor wedding....November is dicey.

6. Set the Tone of Your Event
Do you want a super formal affair, or a big party celebration? The answer will dictate a lot when it comes to vendor selection and venue.

7. Set the Budget
This is the one many couples fall short with. Set your budget within your means, but you must be realistic. Research average vendor costs, and determine your expected headcount. 

8. Choose Your Attendants
The larger the wedding party, the longer it will take to do pictures, and execute the ceremony and reception. Time impacts costs.

9. Start Looking for Venues and Vendors for Ceremony and Reception
You can do this by hiring a planner, or go it alone by meeting with several options and determining the appropriate fit for your vision. You should start this process as early as possible, especially if your date is in prime wedding season (April-October). There are several dates that will leave you with what is left due to their popularity.

10. Get Support from your Own
Go over your options with parents, or whomever you trust to give you the best advice.

What's Reception HOT and what is NOT

Posted on February 8, 2014 at 10:12 AM Comments comments (2)
As you begin to plan your wedding and reception, there are some trends that are becoming clear in 2014. Here's what our research and experience uncovered. What is your opinion?

1. A DJ wearing a tuxedo is NOT hot. Today's receptions are becoming more informal to a degree and we are finding brides that are ditching the wedding gown immediately following the garter toss. Besides, you want to be able to distinguish the DJ from the waiters.

2. Games are NOT hot. While they have created some memorable moments over the years, couples are finding that it is more important to dance and socialize during the reception.

3. Club Style DJ'ing IS hot. More and more couples are wanting to have a club feel to the reception, complete with a compliment of dance lighting and music mixing.

4. A smaller DJ footprint IS HOT. There was a time when the DJ booth was a centerpiece in the room....In fact, it was a LARGE centerpiece. These days, for the sake of both more dancing space, and appearance the footprint is being reduced to no more than 8X5.

Top First Dance Songs for 2014

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 7:53 PM Comments comments (6)
As we enter the booking season for 2014, I am starting to wonder what first dance songs will hit the top of the wedding reception charts.  I know... you are waiting for me to provide this list of my top 10 or 20 right? Well, I believe that I take my cues from you, so time for you to chime in... What do you think?